Ways to experience strong sensations in Paris

Meeting zombies

Horror or post-apocalyptic movie fans, come to the Manoir de Paris! Haunted by ghosts and rather disturbed characters, this place takes you into the universe of the most terrifying legends of Paris and elsewhere. Among the living dead, murderous clowns, bloody countesses or souls in pain, advance along a path that will make even the bravest tremble. The Manoir de Paris offers 5 immersive haunted shows that will give goosebumps to those who venture there.

Breathtaking Roller Coasters

With their repeating loops and their surprising speed, roller coasters certainly have their place among the activities with strong sensations. At Parc Asterix, the Goudurix attraction will surprise you with its 7 loopings and on the Oziris side, you will be propelled at 90 kilometers per hour, with your feet in the air, in a suspended carriage! At Disneyland Paris, the recent Star Wars ™ Hyperspace Mountain attraction that will delight adrenaline fans. This big eight explosive that takes place in a galactic decor of light and sound promises a total change of atmosphere to those who embark.

Visit Paris by helicopter

Paris from the sky, what a spectacle! From the Helipass helicopter, admire the most beautiful monuments of the city as you have never seen them before: the Eiffel Tower, majestic when it touches the clouds, the Grand Palais and its glass dome, the Notre-Dame Cathedral with its dizzying bell tower. An impressive and rare moment to discover Paris in a different way.

Water skiing on the Seine

To get your adrenaline pumping, there’s nothing like sliding sports! Very close to Paris, several nautical clubs offer water skiing, monoskiing, wakeboarding and other games towed on the Seine. In addition to the CN19 Glisse and the Ski Nautique Club de Paris, the Reef Club offers you the possibility to relax on a rooftop overlooking the Seine after the effort.

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